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Sylvia's Sparkles: October 2014

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A day in the park

A little love

A little sunshine in a Macaron 
A little fun 

Off to the land of Peter Pan (no seriously can we stay a child forever?)

 Sweater: Coast, similar | Jeans: Jack Wills | Trainers: New Balance | Cap: J Crew | Nail: Chanel 

xo S.S

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Sunday was a rather beautiful day, we had a wonderful weather, it was however rather cold! We decided to go to the park for a bike ride and a picnic so I thought I would bake some little warm pies to take with us, you know the perfect little cake for a cold autumn day!
Here is the recipe I hope you enjoy it! 

 Ingredients you will need: 

2 rolls of short crust pastry
3 diced apples
2 tablespoons of all purpose flour
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/4 cup of sugar 
Soft caramel (we used salted caramel) 
1/2 lemon juiced 
Egg wash (1 egg whisked with 1 tablespoon of water)
Crystal sanding sugar

 In a small bowl. mix the diced apple, lemon juice, cinnamon, sugar and flour 
 Unroll the dough onto a floured surface. Using a 7cm (3 inch) circular cookie cutter or a glass, cut out as many circles as possible. Using a rolling pin, roll out the scraps and continue cutting out circles until you run out of dough. 
 Spoon the apple filling into the centre of half of the pie. Make sure to leave enough space around the filling to seal the pies. 
Top it off with some caramel 
Close the pies with the dough left overs and decorate the sides with a fork to make them look even better!

15 min in the oven at 210 C or 420 F 

Enjoy xo S.S

Recipe found on Glitter Guide

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The hats are out

 I am crazy about this coat I bought on a major sale in the summer for £72 I am actually quite surprise it has gone back to the 100's ... maybe it was too popular they put the price higher! It's perfect on top of a little dress to keep warm and a cute hat but also can't wait to wear it with skinnies and a roll neck when it's even colder! Talk about cold I woke up on sunday and it was 2 degrees around 10 am ... no need to say that autumn has definitely settled in! 

Coat: Reiss | Hat: Asos, similar | Dress: Esprit | Booties: Esprit, similar | Necklace: Baublebar | Lipstick: Chanel

xo S.S

Monday, 6 October 2014

Weekend recap

A little retail therapy after a crap friday morning at Ted Baker
A sunny walk home 
A little Bellini for dinner

Saturday morning farmer's market and some radiant roses
Sunday baking with some apple cinnamon and caramel pies (yum)

A gorgeous bike around the park with a beautiful view of the Eye and the Shard
Drive past this every weekend and never stopped! 
New cape/coat (coming up soon on the blog)
A little sunday ritual in the park (my favourite is the raspberry one)
An all black look for our bike ride wearing Coat, Jack Wills, New balance and my favourite J Crew cap

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! The weather was terrible on saturday so we chilled home and sunday was just the perfect autumn day!

Enjoy this week as it is the last for this blog ... 

yay new blog coming up! 

xo S.S

Friday, 3 October 2014

Brown eyed girl

 TGIF after five long days I get to spend a whole week with the hubby! Yay for holidays right? 
I love this coat from ASOS it reminds me of the Three Floors coat that everyone was wearing last winter! I saw it a while ago and waited until it was on sale to save a little and I am glad that I managed to wait until it went on sale! It's perfect for the season considering usually in October it rains everyday and it's all muddy and all this year is particularly nice. The sun is out most days and it's rather warm so the coat is perfect for cold mornings and evening yet perfect for when the sun says hello.

 I bought my Tory Burch bag in the US in may and I have worn it almost everyday since. It was on sale and I am so glad I went for it. Also I am glad I got this colour because at first I wanted the pink one but this one is a perfect transition from summer to fall. Considering I have a lot of white and nude colours for the winter it will go perfectly. 

Coat: ASOS | Shirt: J Crew | Jeans: J Crew | Shoes: Tory Burch | Bag: Tory Burch | Sunnies: Karen Walker | Lipstick: Chanel in Crushed Berries

xo S.S

Happy weekend

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Golden leaves

I love this time of year, definitely my favourite season (don't get me wrong I wish endless summers could exist) You know Christmas is around the corner, not but literally around the corner there is a few food stores and they all have xmas decorations and cakes and candy canes ... god it's going way to quickly the Pumpkin spice latte just came out at Starbucks ... 

Anyway I still think it's the perfect time of year for endless walks and fun in the golden leaves and end up in a pub or cafe with a fire in the corner ... 
I bought this jumper about 5 years ago in NYC at Macy's it was cheap as chips and I have loved it ever since perfect for the autumn winter season and makes me feel very festive to be honest. It goes well with my mini Coach handbag (don't they have the best bags?!) J Crew as usual never disappoints this skirt is warm enough not to have to put tights (not yet not yet not yet)

 Just for fun ...

Sweater: old DKNY from Macy's, Ralph Lauren similar | Skirt: Last year's J Crew, love this one | Shoes: Old J Crew from ebay, similar | Scarf: Burberry (children's section £30 only) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Handbag: Coach 

xo S.S